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Quiltastrophy Makes

    Quiltastrophy Makes is me, Kristy Kaye, a quilter and artist working in Brooklyn. Sourcing stoop fabric finds along with thrifted fabrics, I have a love for prints, solids, shiny and bright colors that find their way into each piece. 

    Quiltastrophy Makes focuses on using the materials at hand. Discarded sheets are dyed or marked on. Thrifted and found fabrics are repurposed to make quilts and wall hangings. Each piece is one of a kind using traditional mixed with contemporary piecing designs. I am not looking for perfection and often make mistakes, which inspired the play on words: quilt + catastrophe = quiltastrophy. 

    Drawing and embroidery embody the same methodical practices as quilting and are a natural extension of my personal expression. The pencil drawings are meditative lines drawn over and over reminiscent of embroidery stitches and hand piecing/quilting. 

    Thank you for taking some time with my work. I hope you find it fun and inspiring. 

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